Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy new year!

Happy new year to any that may pass here! Yea, I know I bit late, but, hey, happy new year!

Good time to start of the new year with what I hope to blog about here in the year to come...

1. Document Euclid for 35s. Particular I would like to make somekind of cheat sheet that shows what labels are assigned to which programs, what variables are used to what and user input/output. I realy missed this a while ago when wanted to use program at day time job. Good thing I had this blog then!

2. Learn to use and program the 50g. I started out fine, but then holidays happened and real job has been keeping me busy so fare in 08. First programming project will propably be a UserRPL Euclid. Later I hope to look into C programming on it. I make my living hacking Java these days, but I started out as a C programmer, this could be way to get to do some good old C hacking again :-).

3. I realy would enjoy to program the 41CV to, say ... ahem ... make an Euclid version for that to. What I would like with the 41CV compared to the 35s is the ability to name programs and assigne program to keys while in user mode. For these types of problem I for sure is going to miss 35s' vector type...

Well, see if get time to do any of this sometimes (may be a bit quiet here for a while...).

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