Thursday, November 8, 2007

Got my hands on a HP-48GX

A co-worker discovered my interest for HP calculators and remembered he had some kind of graphing calculator while at engineering shool. Belived it was some kind of a TI model. Turned out he had a HP-48GX collecting dust home!

To cut a short story shorter, he has kindly borrowed me the machine. Later this year I will get my self a HP-50g and this will allow me to learn the RPL language up front!

I may do a RPL port of the HP-35s Euclid Pack implementation...

Resources related to getting to know the RPL series of machines:

Manuals downloadable from here.
HP 48G Series Advanced User's Reference Manual available here at
Short but good introduction to RPL at the museum.
UserRPL stack commands, article at the museum.
The usenet group ofcourse.
FAQs found at the Internet FAQ Archieves.

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