Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Long time ago before learned high level programming languages such at Pascal, FORTRAN, C, C++ and Java I made my first programs on HP calculators, first on a 33C, then on a 41CV.

My hobby ended when the 41CV stopped working after a short periode of being weightless... I never bought a calculator again, before now...

Lately my work has been of such a nature that I do like to use a calculator now and then, and not wanting to use any other than a rpn calculator I was delighted to learn that HP had made a new reasonable priced RPN calculator: The HP-35s. I ordered it and as I write it should be on it's way to me.

I have been thinking that it's programmable feature will be wasted on me; I was not looking to get back to my old hobby of 'key stroke programming'. But who am I kidding? I am a programmer who love to program, if I am getting something programmable I am gonna program it...

The first programming project for it I have tagged Euclid.

All this excitement of buying a brand new RPN classic type HP calculator got me to hunt down my old pal, the defunced HP-41CV. Well, to get cut a short story shortere: I am going to get it fixed, I tag that project HP41RP (HP-41 Repair Project).

Well, that is what this blog is about, all thing HP Calculator activities I may wanna blog about!

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